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miso soup 3
komatsuna miso steamed kale, butter, chili flakes 7
wakame seaweed salad 5.5
tuna tower maguro, spicy soy, daikon, shiso, avocado, mizuna, cucumber 13.5
hamachi avocado cucumber, jalapeno, spicy ponzu 16
shrimp tempura tentsuyu dipping sauce 13
mixed tempura shrimp and vegetable, tentsuyu dipping sauce 12
gyoza japanese potstickers with pork & vegetables 7.5
brussel sprouts karashi vinaigrette 9
edamame soy beans 4 / with garlic 6
warm mushroom salad mixed asian mushrooms, mixed greens, warm truffle-ponzu 13


served with rice, miso soup, salad, fruit
sashimi chef's choice sashimi (6pc) and one daily special roll 15
sushi nigiri (3pc) and one daily special roll 15
tempura vegetables & shrimp 12
veggie tempura seasonal vegetables 12
salmon teriyaki grilled atlantic salmon 16
beef teriyaki grilled new york steak 15
chicken teriyaki grilled chicken, soy reduction sauce 14
tonkatsu battered and deep fried pork loin or chicken 13


Served with soup
combo special roll, 4 pcs nigiri, 4 pcs sashimi 20
chirashi assorted raw fish & vegetables over sushi rice 20


Served with soup
oyako-don free range chicken with egg over rice 11
katsu-don crumb fried tenderloin pork with egg over rice 12
unagi-don cooked fresh water eel over rice with special sauce 18


udon or soba choice of tempura, seafood, chicken or vegetable 12
tonkotsu ramen cha shu, egg, negi, menma 12
yaki udon pan fried udon noodles, chicken, vegetables, sweet and tangy sauce 13